success story

A One-Shot® OS7 or OS8 dispenser uses no more energy than a domestic light bulb.

Inexpensive equipment. Roll out inexpensively with our equipment.

Quick return on investment.

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Talking NET Profits, not confusing GROSS Profits with all the hidden costs!

No Special Wiring Required!

Real Profit Story

Oh man, have been listening to those industry standard soft serve profit stories by any chance? Have they been telling you all about liquid mix in and profits out?

Have you been told all about the daily gross profit that has then been multiplied out by a month and then by a year? Ouch!

You do know that soft serve sales tend to vary throughout the year and profits may go up or go down during the winter or summer season? Was that mentioned to you?

Then were all the expendable soft serve parts and optional service contracts also mentioned to you as well in these profit story calculations?

Were energy costs also mentioned? What is the energy consumption of your soft serve machine?

Were you given total transparency with a breakdown of all the hidden costs? Forget GROSS profits, it is the NET profits that matter.

While you are deciding on your frozen dessert solution, why not take a look at our One-Shot® pod dispensers for a moment?

The payback is unbelievably fast, and we are not going to mess around with these traditional profit stories illustrating GROSS profits. Oh no, we can give you the real profit story with your actual profit after deducting costs. Win or lose, total transparency.

Our machines have no expendable parts, no sanitising is required, and our dispensers consume less than a 100-watt domestic light bulb.

No more O-rings, dasher blades, and bearings that will eventually need to be replaced. We just have one highly reliable moving part.

Our dealers don’t carry around a small fortune in spare parts, which are paid for by someone somewhere, because our machines don’t need them.

Win or lose, ask about the real profit story and how One-Shot® could fit into your business model.