Fast approaching 2,000,000,000 ice cream pods consumed across the globe

We are market leaders with tens of thousands of One-Shot® installations around the world

Cutting edge smart technologies to reduce or eliminate sanitizing

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Welcome to your new exciting sanitizing free lifestyle

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nordic meetings and events expo 2020

Welcome to the One-Shot Corporation, market leaders in ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet pod dispensers.

We are very happy to announce that One Shot & IL Primo will be presented on I Scream Ice Cream & One-Shot Denmark's stand at the expo for hotels, conference & event venues - Nordic Meetings & Events EXPO 2020 from 2 - 3 of September 2020 - https://nmee.dk

In excess of one billion portions consumed globally, and no sanitizing being required, our machines are inexpensive with low operating costs, many famous big names across Scandinavia have successfully adopted One-Shot®.

Our mission is to liberate the world from the soft serve sanitising process, already replacing traditional soft serve machines in many key locations across Scandinavia & Europe.

Please join us on our stand 377 in Forum in Copenhagen at the Nordic Meetings & Events EXPO 2020

from 2 - 3 of September 2020 - https://nmee.dk Contact us today at our danish phone number

+45 38 34 09 39 or at The exhibition details are enclosed along with our Danish hotline details and you are taking your first step towards a highly exciting sanitizing free lifestyle. We look forward to see you or hear from you!

The One-Shot "pod" system has changed all the rules for dispensing frozen desserts including ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbets and much more. Just imagine, we are about to break through the one billion pods barrier sold on a worldwide basis! One-Shot® is the real game changer.

You no longer need to be locked into the legacy of soft serve technology giving you complications of a mini ice cream factory with the associated sanitizing nightmare, soaring energy costs, variable quality & product integrity and substantial waste.

Enter the new world of One-Shot where profit combined with product integrity is assured:

  • Inexpensive equipment
  • Fast return on investment (ROI) on equipment
  • Portion control
  • No sanitizing
  • Endless flavour choice
  • No O-Rings, dasher blades or other expensive expendable parts

Please also check out our sister website at www.realprofitstory.com for a full media presentation on our Profit Story! We base our profit story on NET Profits, not GROSS Profits, which can be rather misleading if numerous key hidden costs are omitted.

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