Why One-Shot


With the ever-increasing cost of energy, the decreasing availability of capital investment and the worldwide need for the strictest hygiene standards, it is more important than ever to select a system offering the best value for money to provide premium ice cream and frozen desserts, with total product purity and hygiene safety, the One-Shot Smart-Pod concept is that system.


One-Shot does not use liquid ice cream mix as with soft serve machines, One-Shot’s recyclable single portion Smart-Pods are filled and packed by specialised ice cream companies with the strictest of hygiene standards.The product inside each Smart-Pod is untouched by hand or any part of the dispenser at any time, ensuring that the product maintains total product purity from the factory to the consumer. Each filled Smart-Pod will dispense a full 165ml portion of premium frozen dessert.


The Smart-Pod can be filled at the ice cream company with any type of dessert, premium ice cream, frozen yoghurt, frozen custard, sorbets etc, particulates and ripple sauce can be included during the filling process, including chocolate pieces, fruit, and cookie dough etc. There is no limit to the number of flavours, or frozen products, that can be filled into the Smart-Pod, around the world there are currently more than one hundred different flavours available.

Zero Waste

The filled Smart-Pods are delivered frozen to the point-of-sale and stored in a forced air, temperature-controlled freezer. Once the required flavour has been selected from the freezer the Smart-Pod is inserted into the dispenser, ready to serve to the customer, the dispenser simply inverts the lid of the Smart-Pod to dispense the frozen product onto a cone, cup, or indeed any container, with no waste and guaranteed purity of product.

How it works



The filled Smart-Pods are stored at the point of sale in a temperature-controlled freezer, this ensures that all products and flavours, ice cream, yoghurt, sorbets etc are kept at the perfect dispensing temperature, in all areas of the freezer cabinet, simply select your flavour of choice from the freezer.


Once you have chosen the flavour or product of choice from the freezer cabinet, remove the tab from the Smart-Pod and insert the Smart-Pod into the holder and close, you are now ready to dispense.


Press ‘ N ’ Go

Select a waffle cone, a sugar cone or a paper cup and then press the start button, immediately your product will start to dispense onto your cone or cup from the Smart Pod.

Eliminate the Problems

Most people are fully aware of the high cost of conventional soft serve equipment and the problems associated with it.

Ever-increasing energy costs, the need to strip down, clean, sanitize, lubricate and then reassemble on a regular basis, expensive spare parts and service costs, even the liquid ice cream mix remaining in the machine at the end of the day becomes expensive waste during the cleaning process.

Eliminate the Problems

One Shot Dispensers

No Sanitising

With One-Shot dispensers no part of the machine comes into contact with the frozen product at any time during the dispensing process, therefore eliminating the need to sanitize inside the One-Shot dispenser.


A One-Shot dispenser requires no special electrics, has almost zero heat emission and uses less than 100 watts of energy when operating, requiring minimal maintenance, simply plug into a standard 115v or 220v socket and you are ready to go.


All One-Shot equipment is designed and manufactured to high specification in the UK, performance, durability and reliability is the core of our manufacturing process, with all relevant compliance certificates and standards in place.