About One Shot


"Giving advantage to customers and partners by creating and sharing innovation"


Our values are a reflection of our vision, continuously moving forward, innovating and improving all that we do, with integrity, passion and honesty.


From the very beginning the founder and Chairman of One-Shot, Mr Shane McGill, had a vision, to create a system that would deliver ice cream and frozen desserts without the overwhelming problems and issues associated with conventional soft serve equipment, it was 1987 and the first of many One-Shot patents had been filed, extrusion technology for dispensing ice cream and frozen desserts had arrived.

Our first manufacturing license was in 1992 with Saniserve of Indianapolis USA to build the “Nova Express” dispenser, this machine used a single flavour 10-litre cartridge filled with ready-made ice cream. The first major customer to adopt the “Nova Express “was Pizza Hut UK where we supplied all restaurants with “The Ice Cream Factory” a complete in-house concept designed by One-Shot.

Another major license was with Dreyers USA, a Nestle owned company, for the “Grand Soft” dispenser, this was a four flavour, five-litre bag machine, and was successfully used in North America and Europe for many years.

However, it was soon very clear that there was an increasing demand for premium ice creams and a wider range of flavours, and so the single portion Smart-Pod concept was developed, using a brand-new dispenser, the OS-1. With multiple flavours and multiple product options, this concept was immediately successful in Europe and led to an agreement with Unilever for them to purchase a patent that covered their Cornetto Soft system, Unilever eventually installed over 100,000 dispensers in Europe.

Following the successful launch of the single portion Smart-Pod concept in Europe, we secured an order from 7-11 in Tokyo for 4,300 UK built OS-2 Smart-Pod dispensers, twelve months later we signed a license with Sanden Corporation of Japan allowing them to manufacture a new OS-3 Smart-pod dispenser for the Japanese market, under this license Sanden, have manufactured and sold more than 80,000 One-Shot dispensers.

Our organisation has a long history of innovation, even 30 years after Shane McGill first invented One-Shot ice cream extrusion we are constantly looking to develop and improve our equipment and systems, helping to maintain the status of global market leaders for single portion ice cream pod dispensing.

Two billion portions consumed globally confirms the success story so far.