Market leaders in pod dispensing for ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet and much more!

Over 100 flavours of One-Shot® pods now produced worldwide!

*Consumers have purchased over $2,000,000,000 on One-Shot® products.

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Continous development for equipment & product formulations.

Over 200 international patents have been granted worldwide.


Our core competency is in the creation and patenting of new innovations in the foodservice equipment, with many of our innovations sold around the global generating multimillion-dollar revenue, often licensed or sold to multinational corporations or key partners.

One-Shot® brand is a division of the One-Shot Corporation Limited, our UK based headquarters with UK based manufacturing, which works with our strategic international partners and overseas licensed manufacturing facilities in key global locations.

From the UK we produce our flagship range of ice cream and frozen yogurt pod dispensers, which we ship internationally to key accounts and distributors, although due to market conditions we also work in partnership in key geographic locations.

From Poland we have a long-standing injection moulding facility licensed to produce ice cream pods to supply the European market and other key territories.

From Denmark we work with Gram, a division of the Hoshizaki Group of Japan, due to their scalability and manufacturing quality for supplying our refrigeration needs - key to our international success.

From Germany, we have an international strategic partnership with Big Drum, a leading global supplier of industrial ice cream machines. They are based in Edertal, Germany with a manufacturing facility consisting of 30,000+ sq. feet and an additional second facility in the United States (their Columbus, Ohio facility has a 5,000 sq. feet capacity and production is expandable to 10,000 sq. feet to meet demand).

From the USA we have a further licensed pod manufacture for injection moulding our ice cream pods. Production in the USA offers us a key strategic manufacturing base.

From Australia we are working with key strategic partners for exporting products across the Asia continent. We also have licensed injection-moulding facilities in Australia to supply market demand.

From Japan we have licensed manufacturing of our One-Shot® systems and some licensed export of equipment and injection moulded ice cream prods. In Japan alone we have in excess of 50,000 One-Shot® dispensed manufactured under license.

From Malaysia we have licensed pod manufacture for injection moulding our ice cream pods. There is also a central manufacturing plant in Malaysia that produces a range of Halal certified products for shipping across Asia, the Middle East and other key strategic locations.

In our entirely, by working alongside key strategic partners across the globe, we are now fast approaching one million ice cream pods consumed with tens of thousands of pods dispensers manufactured worldwide. We lead the world in this multimillion-dollar industry and we would like to be your supplier of choice for frozen dessert dispensing systems.

*One-Shot® products refers to products that were packed into pods covered by One-Shot® patents.

Gram Commercial - Refrigeration Strategic Partners

Gram Commercial A/S are our international strategic partners for our commercial refrigeration needs.  For international information about the One-Shot® dispensing system, please contact: Gary McGill, MA, MBA, FCMI Director of Global Marketing The One-Shot Corporation Limited 70 Churc...

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