OS18 Dispenser


The OS18 is another new member of the One-Shot range of dispensers. This mid-range self-serve dispenser is practicable and stylish and will dispense up to 200 ice creams per hour continuously.

Just pick your Smart Pod product of choice from the freezer, place it into the Smart-Pod holder, close the holder and select a cone or cup, when ready simply press and hold the dispense button and your premium ice cream or frozen dessert will be dispensed onto your cone or cup.
When dispensing is complete the empty pod is dropped automatically into an under-counter or One-Shot kiosk waste bin, ready for recycling.

At no time during dispensing do the internal parts of the dispenser come into contact with the ice cream, therefore eliminating the need to sanitize inside the dispenser.

Using only 150w of power when dispensing, and with constantly increasing electricity costs, this adds up to huge savings all year round.

  • Simple operation.
  • Low cost.
  • No drain or water connection required.
  • No special electrics - 220v -115v.
  • Automatic disposing of empty pods.
  • No sanitising.
  • Minimal maintenance.
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