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BBB Maastricht

Date Added 13/12/2016

We are highly excited about the BBB Maastricht exhibition and you can find us appearing with our strategic business partners at La Venezia. Please pop over to the stand to try some great tasting soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurt pods. 
According to the BBB Maastricht website, there are at least 275 exhibitors with an estimated 14,000 visitors (it is estimated that at least 75% decision-makers with 90% of participants achieved their commercial objectives). We see this trade show as a HUGE opportunity for selling a lot of One-Shot® dispensers. 

Join our BBB Maastricht Facebook page at and will will be releasing a great deal of exciting news about the show. There is a great deal already happening as we work on expanding our market share.

For international information about the One-Shot® dispensing system, please contact:

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