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Circle K Success Story

Circle K Lier. Bente på jobb i dag 😃☀️. #oneshotnorge #circleklier #sommer #is #varmt #drammen
Posted by One-Shot Norge on Thursday, 1 August 2019

Hello world. We are the One-Shot Corporation Limited, market leaders in ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato and sorbet pod dispensers. We are delighted to announce that earlier today our distributors in Norway, One-Shot Norge, posted on Facebook a picture of a One-Shot® Model OS8 dispenser at the Circle K Lier location.

This is fantastic news to announce this first day of August and we have got a great deal of exciting news coming down the line. We are steadily gaining considerable market share, as you can see from our various social media feeds, with a highly anticipated tsunami of orders in the pipeline.

More customers, more distributors and more market share. Within days our main Facebook Page will also reach and surpass 610,000 global Likes and Followers, so by following our news feeds and rapid succession of success stories, it is an understatement to say that the global interest in MASSIVE and unprecedented

Our mission is to liberate the world from the soft serve manufacturing process, and we are already doing a pretty good job. Just follow our social media feeds to see for yourself and the new installations that are probably popping up near you. 

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