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GULFOOD 2019 - Middle East AND Asia Successful Expansion

The Gulfood 2019 exhibition was highly successful for us with clients from around the world flying over to see us (our record-breaking export sales has caught the attention of numerous top international accounts). We are working on further MASSIVE expansion in the Middle East and Asia, with more exciting news coming down the line, although you can see from the embedded video commercial view count that our appearance in Dubai has gained unbelievable key account attention. 
Plus with over 560,000 global Facebook Likes at you can clearly see for yourself how this MASSIVE global interest is now DRAMATICALLY growing daily and we are quite literally rushed off our feet. New exciting flavours are also coming online for the One-Shot® dispensing system and we have been restructuring for international growth (with our economies of scale we are putting together some unbelievable key account deals).