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Kko Beach Sxm

Enjoy our Ice Cream at Kko Beach Sxm 😃❤️
Posted by Il Primo Caribbean on Thursday, 16 May 2019

We are highly delighted to announce that the Kko Beach Sxm at SXM Simsons Bay in Sint Maarten has now adopted the One-Shot® ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet and gelato pod dispensing system. Yet again this is one of our further success stories in the Caribbean and we are continually gaining dramatic international market share. 

If you are local, why not drop by? 

Kko Beach Sxm 
Plage de la Baie Orientale (6,623.55 km)
97150 Marigot, Saint Martin

The machine that you see at this installation is one of our top selling Model OS7 One-Shot® pod dispensers serving delicious IL PRIMO frozen desserts. As you can see from the demonstration video, this dispenser is not at all difficult to operate, plus for many it is a dream come true with the elimination of the soft serve sanitising process

Our mission is to help liberate the world from the soft serve sanitising process, which as you can see, is rapidly happening across the globe as you read this article entry with all these highly exciting new installations popping up. We are also replacing soft serve machines in numerous key locations with our inexpensive uncomplicated machines. 

Highly exciting distribution opportunities are available in some global locations and, as you can see, everyone loves a winner, so this is a real win-win opportunity. We are now fast approaching 2,000,000,000 global portions consumed and we are diligently working on picking up the pace. We are doing a pretty job enhancing our expansion and you can follow a snapshot of our global progress through social media. 

Have you read about our unique selling points?   
* Perfect portion control
* Perfect cost control
* Low cost equipment
* No sanitizing
* No waste
* No heat emission
* Plug-and-go
* Energy consumption less than a 100w light bulb!
* Quiet operation

Please also follow us here on our blog as we publish more global news. Watch out, no matter where you are, the One-Shot® dispensing system is coming your way!™

For international information about the One-Shot® dispensing system, please contact:

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