Photo of chlidren with ice cream cones

Inexpensive machines to enhance Rollout scalability

Small footprint to reduce counter space

Cannot use a soft serve in your application? Try us!

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Branded machines to create value add consumer appeal

Huge potential for franchise brands

Business Applications

Our branded One-Shot® ice cream pod dispensing systems is suitable for a wide range of markets, which you can read more about on our corporate website at

The OS7 and OS8 ice cream pod dispensers require no sanitizing and consume less that a 100-watt domestic light bulb.

With the ability to serve up to 240 portions an hour and portion control, we have brought to market a machine that can operate 24/7 in both summer and winter, a cost-effect solution for your year round needs.

Our systems are ideal for

  • airports
  • amusement parks
  • bakeries
  • bars
  • bowling alleys
  • cafeterias
  • camps
  • carnivals
  • cash and carry operations
  • casinos
  • catering businesses
  • coffee shops
  • contract caterers
  • convalescent homes
  • convenience stores
  • cruise lines
  • delis
  • drugs stores
  • espresso stands
  • fairs
  • food courts
  • foodservice
  • fundraisers
  • garage forecourts
  • golf courses
  • grocery stores
  • health clubs
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • ice cream shops
  • ice cream trucks
  • kiosks
  • little league
  • liquor stores
  • military
  • nightclubs
  • newsagents
  • party rentals
  • pizza parlours
  • pool clubs
  • pubs
  • push carts
  • QSR
  • recreation centres
  • restaurants
  • sandwich shops
  • schools
  • ski resorts and more

You can read about our numerous success stories online and as we work on increasing our market share.