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Fast speed. Can dispense up to 240 portions per hour.

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Inexpensive equipment. Rollout your franchise inexpensively with our low cost equipment.

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Gram F210 Shipping Data (20ft and 40ft Container shipping information)

Date Added 03/07/2015

We are cranking up global export sales of our One-Shot® ice cream and frozen yogurt cartridge dispensing system - we have a strategic business partnership with Gram Commercial A/S and we internationally recommend the Gram F210 as your storage cabinet. It has electronic temperature control and a very good air flow.  

In this export bulk purchasing video you can see precisely how many Gram F210 cabinets can fit in a 20ft and 40ft container. Although we supply white dispensers as standard, for special orders we can mould different colour machines, which could be ideal for key accounts. 
You can buy a lot of dispensers for you money and what we have is extremely scalable for rollout programs. If you are are interested in being a strategic One-Shot® partner, we would like to hear from you and we are expanding our global business.  


For international information about the One-Shot® dispensing system, please contact:

Gary McGill, MA, MBA, FCMI
Director of Global Marketing
The One-Shot Corporation Limited
70 Churchill Square Business Centre
Kings Hill
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Tel: + 44 1732 525925
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